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Translating and interpreting for government agencies is an experience that we treasure to our hearts. When we translate for government agencies at municipal, provincial and federal levels, we understand that the main goal is to keep our diverse and multicultural community engaged and informed. And we thrive to excel at communication.

We translate an immense variety of content for the three different levels of government:

  • Municipal agencies: We are proud to serve city halls, police forces, fire departments, and non-for profit organizations and agencies at municipal level. Among the many types of texts, documents and content we translate are: safety procedures, community outreach and engagement documents (news releases, social media posts), guidelines, regulations, presentations, brochures, posters, promotional material, and many more.
  • Provincial agencies: WWB is proud to serve different ministries of the Government of Alberta, translating a wide variety of documents and content. From Municipal Affairs to Justice, and from Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women to Community and Social Services, we translate: brochures, posters, community outreach and engagement documents (news releases, social media posts); guidelines, regulations; depositions, court orders; presentations, safety material, brochures, speeches, websites, employer/employee guidelines, and many, many more.
  • Federal agencies: WWB has been translating for federal agencies since its inception. We are the proud translators of reports, investigation briefings, questionnings, brochures, posters, and many other documents and content.
Our languages

We translate in more than the 30 most required languages in Alberta.


WWB has been interpreting for different levels of government in different settings. We are particularly proud of having been interpreting for the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Alberta during town halls held for the multicultural communities of our province.

Apart from interpreting simultaneously and consecutively for community outreach, we also interpret for federal and provincial agencies in questionnings, hearings, interviews and investigations, and in different divisions of the provincial courts.

We have the pleasure of providing our services to international delegations, where we also play the role of cultural facilitators. Our successful interpretation encounters supported by our solid knowledge of cultural differences and similarities have helped create and build strong relationships between Canadian and international entrepreneurs in different industries. And we are very proud of it!

Our languages

We interpret in more than the 30 most required languages in Alberta.

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