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Translation and interpretation for law firms in Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton
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Martin K.

Alberta Energy Regulator


From the novel enterprise that is venturing to the world of international business to the all-time multinational that is optimizing its products or services for its international market, Words Without Borders is always ready to serve corporations and entrepreneurs in their language needs.

Within the corporate world, we specialize in the following translations:

  • Business and commercial: Agreements, audit reports, annual reports, brochures and posters, closed-captioning for videos, codes of ethics and conduct, corporate policy manuals, contracts, presentations, product catalogs, website content, and more
  • Financial and accounting: Agreements, annual reports, audit reports, contracts, corporate policy manuals, financial reports, and more
  • Marketing and advertising: Ads, brochures, closed captions for videos, fact sheets, posters, presentations, product catalogues, website content, and more.
  • Medical: Patient records, doctor’s information, surgical information, technical documents, training materials, quick guides, product labelling, MSDS, product catalogs, others
  • Technical and scientific: Catalogues, design memoranda and reports, EIAs, functional specifications, instruction and operation manuals, MSDSs, operating guidelines, preliminary reports and studies, presentations and tutorials, progress and final reports, proposals, technical manuals, technical reports, technical SDSs, specifications, safety manuals, SOPs, test plans, training plans and manuals, user guides, and more
  • Technical-legal (hybrid): Patents, EIAs, technical-economic proposals, and more

Our languages

We are certified translators in more than 45 languages, which include Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Persian, Russian and Italian, some of the most international business languages in the world.


As interpreters for business, we play a role that goes beyond translating meaning: we act as cultural brokers that facilitate communication within cultural contexts, ensuring that all parties understand and embrace those differences for a successful business outcome.

We interpret in different settings, such as conferences, in-person meetings or video/phone meetings, or act as business language facilitators or cultural brokers accompanying delegations, business representatives, and business owners. Our interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous.

Our languages

We interpret in more than 45 languages, among them Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Persian, Russian and Italian, which are some of most international business languages in the world.

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