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“You have proven to be a very dependable and efficient translator. You care deeply for the welfare of the customer, even surpassing my expectations. Your enthusiasm for what you do is your most notable quality.”
Eric H.

Altamar Translation and Interpretation Services

Interpreting Services

The language barrier can be a major challenge, even a game-changer, in oral communication when the parties do not share a unified language code or cultural knowledge. At Words Without Borders, we understand how critical the stakes can be if miscommunication occurs, say, during a police inquiry, a major business transaction, or at a doctor’s office. What happens if the interpreter does not interpret a question correctly in a courtroom, or fails to clearly explain to a patient how medical treatment will take place? For these reasons, we ensure that our interpreters have extensive experience as community interpreters, or (as needed) in medical, legal, or other specialized fields. Thus they are trained, recognized, and qualified not only in interpretation, but also in their relative fields of expertise, equipped with the necessary background knowledge and the knowledge of how systems work.



Our Areas of Expertise

Commercial Interpreting
Business meetings, conference calls, interviews, presentations, and others.
Community Interpreting
Refugee interviews, school meetings, social cases, trade assessments, and others.
Conference Interpreting
Courses, conferences, fora, meetings, symposia, speeches, and others. To guarantee the allocation of a qualified team of conference interpreters, please book in advance.
Government Interpreting
Community presentations, consultations, delegations, open houses, speeches, and others.
Legal Interpreting
Court proceedings, depositions, investigations, interrogatories, interviews, litigation, insurance claim assessments, trials, and others.
Medical Interpreting
Doctor’s appointments, insurance claim assessments, interviews, medical assessments, therapy sessions, WCB cases, and others.

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