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Q: Who translates my documents?
Your documents are translated by certified and associate members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA). If ATIA does not have a member in the language combination you are looking for, your documents are translated by Canadian certified translators.  If no certified translators are available in Canada, your documents are translated by qualified bilingual professionals, and carefully edited for correctness and usage.
Q: Do you use volunteers to translate?
Gosh, no.  As Albertans, we treasure the work of our volunteers, but the translation industry is not the place to use their valuable talent.  We rely on certified and professional translators only, who are bound by our provincial Code of Ethics.
Q: Do you know the person who is translating my document?
Yes.  Unlike traditional translation agencies that rely on a large database of hundreds of unknown translators, and auction your documents to the lowest bid, we work with a selected team of certified and professional translators known for their ethics, professionalism and quality.  WWB has a strict non-bid policy that ensures that your documents are kept confidential and that your sensitive information is not released to unknown individuals.
Q. I have a large project with a quick turnaround. Do you have the capacity to translate my documents?
Yes.  For UN and common languages, we count on teams of up to five translators per language.  This gives us the capacity to work on your project with ease.  Editors will be aligned with the teams to ensure consistency in terminology and to deliver a document that is ready to be used by the final reader.
Q. Do you use Google Translate?
Absolutely not.  While we understand that Google Translate and other online translation tools are handy for a quick reference, they are not appropriate for professional translations for two main reasons: quality and confidentiality.  Although most people are aware that the quality of online translators are questionable, the most important factor to consider when using an online translation tool is confidentiality.  Once your information is entered on the web, it will be available for anyone to see, thereby losing confidentiality.  For these reasons (and more!), we don’t use online translation tools to translate our documents, and rely solely on the professionalism, knowledge and ethics of our translators.

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